Theme: Nutrition and Food Safety: Stepping towards Global Safety

Euro Food Safety 2020

Renowned Speakers

Euro Food Safety 2020

Conferenceseries LLC. LTD invites you to overcome the Euro Food Safety 2020 congress to be held in Amsterdam Netherlands amid the month of October, 05-06, 2020. We are exceptionally enchanted to welcome the whole upcoming researchers, Nutritionists, Pathologists, Food Researchers of their specific imaginative works in food and nutritional science giving a tremendous and well-furnished stage for all the analysts. It’s an uncommon chance to go to this meet and to have a vision from the world's best noticeable speakers around the globe and to know nearly what does the meet wanders for the turmoil to bring mindfulness for superior health. It's a particularly wonderful advantage to have key speakers who will investigate their focuses of seeing around the current patterns in Food Safety, Food Innovation, Food Processing and Packaging issues which can be valuable for the complete length of advancements can bring the forward steps for the field of progression, this worldwide logical stages advertising.

Why to Attend?

Euro Food Safety 2020 accentuates a wide range of progressed stages for each person men and women and the headways within the field of Food Technology, by the global specialists, not as it included in giving information it too includes in a modern pathway to approach and prevail the exceptional for the worldwide wellbeing.

Target Audience

  • Food technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Food safety officers
  • Nutritionists
  • Public Health professionals
  • Academic scientists
  • Dietician
  • Quality control officers
  • Quality assurance officers
  • Food Scientists
  • Product Recall and Development Specialists
  • Researchers
  • Biotechnologists
  • Industrialists
  • Food Engineers
  • NGO professionals,
  • Food Agronomists
  •  Food Policy makers and regulators
  • Researchers and Research scholars
  • Graduates
  • Professors

Track 1: Food safety

Food Safety or security alludes to taking care of, making and storing food in a way to best decrease the chance of individuals getting to be debilitated from foodborne sicknesses. Food safety may be a worldwide concern that covers a variety of distinctive regions of a standard of living.

  • Nutritional Labeling

  • Authenticity

  • Food Inspection and Grading

Track 2: Nutrition

Nutrition globally involves defining the science that deals with interaction and involvement of nutrients and miscellaneous food contents in coordination with promoting healthy growth, reproduction and disease state of every individual and organism. This is the science which involves in intake of sufficient amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and other components which involves in the bioavailability process like absorption, digestion, metabolism, and excretion in accordance with biosynthesis and catabolism.

  • Macronutrients

  • Micronutrients

Track 3: Food Microbiology

Food microbiology is the branch of biotechnology which deals with microorganisms that possess, or that make impure food, also includes the study of bacterial food contamination. Beneficial microbes, in any case, such as probiotics, are getting to be progressively critical in food science.

  • Food poisoning

  • Food spoilage

  • Food legislation 

  • Food preservation

Track 4: Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is the department of nutrition that goes with patients in health care. Clinical the word itself describes the study that associated or deals with patient's health management, including both inpatient and outpatient clinics which involves in nutrition and dietetics of every individual.

Track 5: Food Technology & Food Processing

Food processing may be an arrangement of unit operations to change over natural food-to-foodstuffs with a delayed period of time and empower reposition that erases or diminishes time or exertion went through in culinary methods for improved utilization. The rule of food processing within the larger part of creating countries helps to alter taste, smell, and surface to upgrade shelf life and tasteful properties and to upgrade the nutritional worth of foods. High-quality foods in most prominent requests moreover are greatly perishable foods. Fortunately, most perishable foods are frequently protected by the wise utilize of current food technology.

  • Dairy technology

  • Chemical makeup of food

  • Pasteurizing

  • Fermentation

  • Freeze-drying

Track 6: Neutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals could be a wide undefinable term that's utilized to depict any item determined from food sources with additional wellbeing benefits in expansion to the essential dietary esteem found in nourishments.

  • Natural foods

  • Antioxidants

  • Dietary supplements

  • Fortified food products

  • Vitamins, minerals and others

Track 7: Food Testing and Analysis

Food analysis is the department managing with the advancement, application and thinks about of expository methods for characterizing the properties of foods and their constituents. These expository methods are utilized to supply information almost a wide assortment of distinctive characteristics of foods, counting their composition, structure, physicochemical properties and tactile qualities

  • Characterization of raw materials

  • Monitoring of food properties during processing

  • Characterization of final product

Track 8: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Prebiotics are an extraordinary form of dietary fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the beneficial microbes in your intestine. Probiotics are live microscopic organisms that can be found in yogurt and other matured foods. … Probiotic microbes must be kept lively to be dynamic. They may be slaughtered by warm, stomach corrosive, or essentially pass on with time.

Track 9: Food & Nutritional Toxicology

Food toxicology depicts toxicants or poisons found in foods. Dietary toxicology can allude to how the count calories or components of the diet anticipate the unfavourable impacts of toxicants or poisons. Each sedate could be harmful when taken in higher amounts.

  • Natural toxins

  • Chemical toxins

Track 10: Nutritional Therapy and Treatment

Nutritional therapy too called Clinical nutritional therapy may be a science that includes foods that contribute to the treatment or controlling of a selected infection. Nutritional therapy majorly centers on common natural entirety foods that offer assistance to boost general health and restrict the threat of different diseases. Nutritional treatment employments food to prevent and invert illnesses that torment most western societies: Diabetes, Weight, Heart disorders, Joint pain, and Sadness. In arrange for food to be helpful, it ought to be nutrient-dense, measured in portion by the supplements and anti-nutrients, contained in expended foods.

Track 11: Food Chemistry and Quality

Food chemistry is a branch of food technology that deals or mostly concentrates on understanding chemical intuitive among food components including nutrients, their analysis, extraction and advance application. The quality of food items and ingredients is additionally a vital zone of research within the Food Chemistry discipline.

Track 12: Pediatric & Women Nutrition

Pediatric Nutrition is characterized as the running of a well-balanced diet comprising of the basic supplements additionally the adequate caloric utilization that's required to trigger advancement and withstand the physiological need at the distinctive stages of a child's development. It conjointly incorporates nutritional necessities in newborn & children and various caring practices. Numerous of the health issues of women at diverse life stages are influenced by nutrition. Diet is one way of life figure that's agreeable to alter. Health professionals have a noteworthy part to play in making difference women to embrace a more advantageous diet.

  • Diet for post pregnancy Women

  • Infant Nutrition, Breast Feeding and Neonatology

  • Nutritional problems in Preganant Women

Track 13: Food Engineering

Food Engineering is an integrative field that involves or deals with the branches of microbiology, applied physical sciences, chemistry, and designing for food and relates.

  • Food Product Shelf Life

  • Agricultural Engineering

  • Sanitation Technologies

  • Modern Packing

  • Chemical Engineering

Track 14: Food Science &Sports Nutrition

Food Science could be a multi-disciplinary field including chemistry, natural chemistry, nutrition, microbiology and designed to allow one the scientific information to illuminate genuine issues related to the numerous features of the food system. Sports nutrition is interdisciplinary of nutrition which deals with research and practices on dietetics and food with respects to progressing anyone's athletic execution. Nutrition is a vital component of numerous sports preparing regimens, being prevalent in quality sports and endurance sports.

Track 15: Food Frauds

Food fraud is the act of intentionally modifying, distorting, mislabeling, substituting or altering with any nourishment item at any point along with the farm–to–table food supply–chain. Extortion can happen within the crude material, in a fixing, within the last item or within the food’s packaging.

  • Chemical alteration of food

  • Tempering and counterfeiting

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Economically-motivated adulterations

  • Mitigation measure and strategy

Track 16: Novel Food Packaging Technologies

Novel food packaging advances are created to ensure new and mildly-processed food against deterioration variables counting microbiological, oxidation, dampness changes, and fragrant related components. Novel food packaging systems emerged as outcomes of consumers require for helpful, prepared to eat, top-notch and mellow prepared nourishment items with expanded rack life and kept up quality. The novel food wrapping innovations are other than the fundamental work of control increment the edge of food quality and safety. The novel food packaging methods hence encourage in satisfying the requests all through the food supply chain by equipping up toward people possess a way of life.

Track 17: Food Borne Diseases and Prevention

Food-borne irresistible infection may be a very common wellbeing issue that as of now influences millions around the world. The burden of infections caused by these food-borne pathogens remains generally obscure. Concern over pathogenic and decay microorganisms in foods is expanding since of the increment in episodes of food-borne infections (FBDs). The larger part of food-borne diseases has either a bacterial or viral etiology. Preventive perspectives are adapted toward holding food at the correct temperature, putting away food in a clean way and avoiding cross defilement. Foodborne diseases are regularly caused by organic, chemical or physical risks.

Track 18: Food Allergies and Intolerance

A genuine food sensitivity or allergy causes an immune system response that influences various organs within the body. It can cause a extend of side effects. In a few cases, an allergic food response can be extreme or life-threatening. In differentiate, food intolerance indications are by and large less genuine and frequently restricted to stomach related issues.

Track 19: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system that involves in assuring the products that are constantly dependent on produced and controlled according to quality guidelines. It minimally outlines the risks involved in any pharmaceutical generation that cannot be killed by testing the ultimate product.

Track 20: Food Preservation and Quality Standard

Food Preservation prohibits the development of microorganisms as well as abating the oxidation of fats that cause rancidity. A few conventional strategies such as cooling, solidifying, bubbling, maturation of protecting food have been appeared to have a lower vitality input when compared to present-day strategies (i.e; pasteurization, solidify drying, vacuum pressing). The food processing company needs to preserve its high-quality standards and suitable determination plans ought to be created for all its items. Most companies require product details, which characterize the standard quality of their items and production strategies, such as picking, capacity, conveyance, supply, and transportation.

  • Microbial fermentation

  • Food administration

  • Quality management system

Global Markets for Food Safety Testing

Food security testing is the major and unavoidable figure in food industry. Controls with respect to nourishment security tests, for the following components and reviewing the microbiological quality etc. have been actualized at each and each level of processing. The directions and the benchmarks changes from nation to country. The food security testing advertises is driven by expanded buyer mindfulness with respect to the security viewpoints of nourishment products. Processed nourishments are the major category of items that are majorly tried for security and quality profiles. Based on the territorial investigation, North America could be a ruling locale, closely taken after by Europe.

Worldwide Nourishment Security Testing Advertise By Testing Sort (Pathogens, GMO, Poisons, Pesticides, Others), By Innovation (Polymerase Chain Response, Immunoassay, Protein Connected Immunosorbent Measure, Chromatography, Biochip/Biosensor, Microarrays, Fast test, Stream cytometry, Others), By Contaminants (Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Molds, Others), By Topography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Center East and Africa) - Industry Patterns and Figure to 2025 Worldwide Nourishment Security Testing Showcase is anticipated to reach USD 22,327.02 million by 2025 from USD 12,760.00 million in 2017, at a CAGR of 7.5% within the figure period 2018 to 2025. The modern showcase report contains information for notable a long time 2016, the base year of calculation is 2017 and the figure period is 2018 to 2025.

Developing Customer Intrigued In Food Security and Quality

The rising number of foodborne infections, contaminated cases, and poisonous quality have been a danger to the nourishment security and expanded the require for nourishment security testing. The Middle for Infection Control and Anticipation (CDCP) has detailed that each year, one out of 10 individuals drop wiped out due to foodborne sickness, generally children beneath the age of five a long time. Concurring to WHO around 125,000 children pass on due to hazardous nourishment.

Worldwide Markets for Food Preparing and Food Packaging Gear

By Geology, Asia Pacific locale is likely to have a profitable development in figure period owingthe rising R&D subsidizing for extension of magnifying instruments, developing nanotechnology dig into, moo fabric charge, and expanding capability and college quality in gifted Asia Pacific nations such as China and India are the major components driving the development of this advertise.

Nutrition Companies in Europe

Abbott Laboratories | AdvoCare International | Alpharma Inc. | Atkins Nutritionals Inc. | Balchem Corporation | Barrington Nutritionals | Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp. | BioPharma Scientific | Bioplex Nutrition Inc. | Biothera | Budenheim/Gallard-Schlesinger Industries | Century Foods International | Chef Jay's Food Products | Chef Jay's Food Products | Clif Bar Inc. | Cornfields, Inc. | CytoSport | DSM Nutritional Products | DuPont | Elan Nutrition – ConAgra | Elwood International | Essentially Pure Ingredients | Fiberstar, Inc. | Florida Food Products | Food Sciences Corporation | Fortitech, Inc. | Freshology Inc. | GU Energy Labs | Glanbia Nutritionals | Grain Processing Corporation | Heather's Tummy Care | Jenny Service Company | Joint Juice, Inc. | Josephs Lite Cookies | Lang Naturals Inc | Loders Croklaan | Lyoferm | Mannatech | Martek Biosciences Corporation | Mead Johnson Nutrition | Mead Johnson/Bristol Myers Squibb | Medifast | Novartis Nutrition Corp. | Nutramax Products | National Enzyme Company | Natren Inc. | Natural Alternatives International, Inc. | Nestle Nutrition | Novus International, Inc. | Nu-World Foods | NutraCea | NutriSystem, Inc. | Nutrilite | Nutriplus International, Inc. | Nutrition 21, Inc. | Nutro Of Tennessee, Inc. | Omega Protein Inc. | Ocean Nutrition Canada | PAT Vitamins | Pharmavite LLC | Pharmline | Phyto-Technologies Inc | PowerBar Foods, Inc. | Premier Nutrition, Inc. | Proliant Inc. | Protient | Pulse Nutrition Solutions | Purity Products, Inc. | Ross Nutrition | Soluble Products Co., L.P. | TRC Nutritional LABS | The Solae Company | Threshold Enterprises, Ltd | Tops Market | Tree Of Life Gourmet | Twin Laboratories, Inc. | U.S. Mills Inc | USANA Health Sciences | Uncle Harry's Fine Food Products | VPX Sports | Vigortone AG Products Inc | Weider Nutrition International | WellGen Inc. | Wysong Corporation

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Public Health Universities / Institutes

  • Albania Institute of Public Health

  • Angola National Institute of Health

  • Argentina National Laboratories and Health Institutes Administration (ANLIS)

  • Armenia National CDC Zelveian National Institute of Health

  • Bangladesh Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control & Research (IEDCR)

  • Bangladesh National Influenza Centre (NIC)

  • Belgium Scientific Institute of Public Health

  • Bolivia National Institute of Health Laboratories (INLASA)

  • Brazil FIOCRUZ (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation)

  • Burundi National Institute of Public Health

  • Cambodia National Institute of Health

  • Cameroon Directorate for Combating Disease, Epidemics and Pandemics

  • Canada Institute national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ)

  • Canada Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

  • CARICOM Center for Strategic Health Studies (CSHS)

  • CARICOM Ministry of Health (MoH)

  • China Centre for Disease Control

  • Japan National Institute of Public Health

  • Jordan Ministry of Health

  • Kenya Medical Research Institute

  • Libya National Centre for Disease Control

  • Macedonia Institute of Public Health of Republic of Macedonia

  • Malawi Ministry of Health

  • Mexico National Institute of Public Health (INSP)

  • Moldova National Center of Public Health

  • Mongolia Public Health Institute of Ministry of Health

  • Morocco Direction of Epidemiology and Control Diseases, Ministry of Health (MoH)

  • Morocco National Institute of Hygiene

  • Mozambique National Institute of Health

  • Myanmar National Health Laboratory

  • Nepal School of Public Health and Community Medicine B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

  • Netherlands National Institute for Public Health & the Environment (RIVM)

  • Nigeria National Primary Health Care Development Agency

  • Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR)

  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health

  • Pasteur Institute of Morocco (IPM)

  • Public Health Institute of Chile

  • The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

Related Healthcare Associations

  • The Public Health Foundation

  • Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SSE)

  • Southern African Clinical Epidemiology Association (SACEA)

  • Society for Public Health Education

  • Society for Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research

  • Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER)

  • Society for Epidemiologic Research

  • Societal Española de Rheumatology, Spain

  • Saudi Epidemiological Association (SEA)

  • Royal Society for Public Health, UK

  • Romanian Society of Epidemiology (SRE)

  • Public Health Research Institute

  • Public Health Agency of Canada

  • Portuguese Association of Epidemiology (APE)

  • Pan American Health Organization

  • Nigerian Institute of Medical Research

  • Nigerian Institute of Medical Research

  • Netherlands Epidemiological Society (VvE)

  • National Environmental Health Association

  • National Environmental Health Association

  • National Association of Local Boards of Health

  • National Association for Public Health Policy

  • Lebanese Epidemiological Association (LEA)

  • Japan Epidemiological Association (JEA)

  • Italy National Institute of Health

  • Italian Society of Medical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology / Societal Italian di Statistical Medical de Epidemiologic Clinical (SISMEC)

  • Italian Association of Epidemiology (AIE)

  • Iranian Epidemiological Association (IrEA)

  • International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE)

  • International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE)

  • International Epidemiological Association

  • Indian Society for Medical Statistics (ISMS)

  • Indian Public Health Association (IPHA)

  • Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSM)

  • German Society for Epidemiology (DGEpi)

  • French International Agency for Research on Cancer

  • Finnish Epidemiological Society (FES)

  • European Public Health Association

  • Epidemiological Society of Nigeria (EPiSON)

  • Epidemiological Association of Bangladesh (EPAB)

  • Egyptian Veterinary Association of Epidemiology

  • Egyptian Society of Epidemiology (ESE)

  • Danish Epidemiological Society (DES)

  • Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CSEB)

  • Cameroon Society of Epidemiology (CaSE)

  • Cameroon Directorate for Combating Disease, Epidemics and Pandemics

  • Cambodian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

  • Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA)

  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration, USA

  • Association of Chinese Epidemiology

  • Association Mexicana de Epidemiology (AMEPID)

  • Association Medical Argentina (ADMISAL)

  • Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA), USA

  • Association for Health and Environmental Development (AHED), Egypt

  • American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

  • American Public Health Association (APHA)

  • American Public Health Association

  • American Council on Science and Health‎

  • American College of Epidemiology (ACE)

  • American College of Epidemiology

Companies associated with nutrition

  • National Food Products Company

  • Global food industries

  • Emirates Industrial & Trading Co Ltd

  • Food Emporium

  • SOLICO Food industries

  • Emirates Industrial & Trading Co Ltd

  • National Food Industries LLC (NFI)

  • Federal foods LLC

  • Sunlmpex Biz

  • Windsor Foodstuff Factory Ltd

  • Food Sciences Corporation

  • Nutrimax products

  • Nutrilite

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  • Top universities in UAE

  • United Arab Emirates University

  • Canadian University of Dubai,  Dubai

  • American University of Sharjah

  • Zayed University

  • Abu Dhabi University

  • Ajman University of Science and Technology

  • Khalifa University

  • American University in Dubai

  • Higher Colleges of Technology

  • Manipal University Dubai

  • International centre for Training and Development

  • King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

  • Beirut Arab University

  • Modern University for Business and Science

  • Holy Spirt University of Kaslik

  • American University in Dubai

  • University of Dubai

  • Notre Dame University

  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education – Mahe Dubai

  • UAE University

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